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The "Kentucky Proud" Basket

The "Kentucky Proud" Basket


Lotsa Pasta's "Kentucky Proud" Basket features some of our local favorites


    The "Kentucky Proud" Basket includes:

    Come Back Inn Italian Red Pasta Sauce

    Weisenberger Stone Ground White Grits

    Lotsa Pasta Dipping and Sauté Olive Oil

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

    Screamin' Mimi's Salsa

    Screamin' Mimi's Wine and Pepper Sauce

    Spring Valley Farms 100% Pure Honey

    F.A.B.D. Smokehouse BBQ Sauce

    Kizito Biscotti

    Lotsa Pasta's Cavallo Nero Artisan Pasta

    Secrets of Louisville Chef's Cookbook

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